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With only a few months to make the majority of enrollment sales for the year, Medicare Advantage Organizations (MAOs) have a short window to identify, nurture, and close sales. 

While the annual enrollment period has always been competitive, closing and retaining customers has grown increasingly difficult in the past few years. 

For example, a Harris Poll found that 40% of Medicare Advantage subscribers made changes to their plans for 2021 and 25% say they stayed in a Medicare Advantage plan but changed health plan providers. With the average cost per acquisition rising, MAOs and other sales organizations need to:

  • Convert more lead spend into sales
  • Keep those policies on the books longer through better retention

Personalized lead nurturing with AI can help MAOs do both.

How to use AI to nurture leads, maximize conversations, and retain customers long term

What if you could create a 1-to-1 automated stream of personalized follow-ups based on prior conversations? An AI solution can help MAOs reduce cost per acquisition while delivering better service at every touchpoint through automation and data-based personalization. 

  1. Understand and identify your ideal customers

Not all leads are the right fit for Medicare Advantage enrollment. Clarifying who your ideal customers are and then qualifying your leads based on those criteria is essential to creating personalized campaigns. But lead scoring is time-intensive—especially at the scale MAOs are working. Automating this step can save time and money while improving your nurturing campaigns.   

Advanced lead scoring AI technology analyzes call data to determine the customer’s intent to shop, helping the sales organization prioritize sales efforts and create the right scripting and nurturing strategies. Harnessing AI at this stage of the sales process can also help you determine which lead sources are producing more meaningful conversations.  AI can tell you, at scale, which sources are producing a disproportionate amount of conversations focused on free offers for flex spending cards, for example. 

  1. Collect and implement personalized data insights 

You can’t personalize your outreach without relevant information on your leads and customers. Because MAOs manage large amounts of leads, the best way to do this is to automate the data collection and analysis process so you can personalize nurturing campaigns without additional labor. AI can automatically extract personalized and granular information from your latest conversations allowing you to: 

  • Improve customer experience by anticipating and acting upon needs 
  • Use personalized buyer data to navigate the next best action
  • Re-engage abandoned/non-converted conversations with relevant and multi-channel follow-up messages tailored to each lead

The sample above demonstrates personalized information collected by AI and how it can be automated for 1 to 1 nurturing campaigns.

  1. Create long-term value along the entire customer journey

AI technology should operationalize your insights into action, personalizing the entire customer journey and building an ongoing dialogue with each customer post-sale. 

Every conversation holds a wealth of information that you can leverage in automated yet personalized ways to achieve your company goals, such as:

  • Increasing lifetime value with relevant cross-sell impressions based on needs expressed by your customers in past conversations. 
  • Reducing customer attrition by utilizing an AI-powered virtual assistant to engage customers about important reminders such as annual flu vaccines, and upcoming enrollment windows. 

With the right AI partner, you can automate everything needed to maximize your enrollments and lower your cost to acquire with everything from QA monitoring, compliance scoring, lead intent scoring, real-time agent assistance, and personalized nurturing and retention campaigns creating long-term value across the entire funnel. 

Consider a Conversational AI Tool in 2023. 

Building a personalized nurture and retainment campaign is time-intensive—and with the volume of leads coming through to MAOs, manually sifting through to qualify leads and personalize interactions at scale is nearly impossible.  

That’s where Conversely AI can help. 

Conversely AI uses machine learning to extract valuable data from sales conversations in real time and build a long-term post-call relationship strategy and create personalized and relevant follow-up activities. 

Maximize conversions, increase retention, and reduce CPA with Conversely AI

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