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Agent Sales Visibility

Comprehensive Sales Process Visibility at Your Fingertips
Improve the performance of your sales agents by evaluating individual and team performance during sales calls and instilling a closed loop coaching process.
Improve the Effectiveness of Each Sales Agent for a Smooth and Efficient Pipeline

Leveraging advanced analytics and AI technology, our performance analysis platform listens to sales calls, identifies key events, and assesses the agent performance in comparison to their peers and your expectations to deliver better outcomes long term.

Monitor Sales Stages
Track the process through our systems ability to recognize how far into the sales process the agent advanced. This insight helps to identify agent level bottlenecks and improve the overall sales process.
Analyze Sales Professionalism
Evaluate the level of professionalism exhibited during sales interactions, fostering an environment of excellence. This helps ensure a high-quality customer experience and builds a strong reputation for your business.
Identify Key Events
Advanced natural language processing (NLP) and speech recognition algorithms identify key events within sales calls, including phrases, objections, customer responses, and call outcomes.
Benchmark Performance
The system establishes performance benchmarks by analyzing historical data and call metrics. It identifies top-performing agents and sets performance standards.
Unique Call Extractions to Understand Agent Skills
Call Analysis
Analyze sales calls ensuring comprehensive coverage of agent interactions with customers.
Comparative Analysis
Compare agent performance to benchmark standards and peers. This analysis highlights areas where an agent excels or needs improvement.
Sales Process Evaluation
Assess an agent’s use of specific phrases and adherence to the prescribed sales process and compare performance to peers.
Customized Performance Metrics
Tailor your metrics to your goals and industry standards for evaluate agent performance.
Real-time feedback
Enable continuous improvement and on-the-job training with real time feedback during or after sales calls.
Performance Reports
Detailed performance reports are generated for each agent, highlighting strengths, weaknesses, and areas for development. These reports are accessible to both agents and supervisors.
Trend Analysis
The system tracks performance trends over time, allowing organizations to identify long-term improvement or decline in agent performance and take proactive measures.
Machine Learning Adaptation
Over time, the system uses machine learning to adapt to changing sales dynamics, customer behaviors, and industry trends.
Easily Review Calls with Automated Transcription
Each call is automatically transcribed with speaker label assignments and PHI redactions for easy call review seamlessly within the tool.
Sales Performance Scorecards
A customizable sales process adherence scorecard is produced for each call.
Customized Performance Dashboard
Real-Time Feedback
Quickly see stage trending, which agents need work, sales scorecard stats, agent performance by supplier, and more.
Agent Views
Agents can log into a personalized dashboard and compare their performance to their peers. The system will highlight sales performance and trending versus others; percentage of leads received by vendor compared to the team; see what phrases others are using to overcome objections; the ability to give and receive recognition to other team members; and have an interface that allows them to raise thier hand to others on how to handle certain situations
Supervisors and executives will be alerted when high intent customers are not being converted; when the threshold of quotes turning into sales becomes too low; if call stage achievement varies from expectations; and when CPA dips below goal–among others.
Seamless Integrations with all:
CRM Systems
Call Recording Software
Tableau / Data Systems
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