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Lead Management

Get the Insights You Need to Spend Smarter
Effectively manage online click-to-call leads with a SaaS platform designed to streamline and optimize your lead management to maximize conversation rates.
Operate More Efficiently with AI-Powered Lead Management
For cost per acquisition and cost per quote optimization
Welcome to the future of lead management. Our cutting-edge AI solution not only identifies your best lead sources and campaign creative (along with a host of other valuable data points), but also maximizes the efficiency of each interaction to lower your cost per acquisition and cost per quote.
Stop Ad Fraud
Identify fraudulent activities in your ad campaigns quickly and effectively. By catching these early, you can mitigate potential damage and protect your investments.
Highlight Stated Objections
Recognize stated objections instantly, equipping your agents with the opportunity to address concerns promptly and effectively. By understanding these objections, you can tailor your approach to overcome them and drive successful conversions.
Interpret Purchase Intent
Quickly gauge a caller’s intention to buy, maximizing the efficiency of each interaction. This allows for personalized and targeted conversations that are more likely to result in successful sales.
Confirm Quotation Status
Instantly verify whether a quote was given during the call, ensuring no potential sale is overlooked. This aids in follow-up processes and increases the chances of converting a lead into a successful sale.
Assess Call Disposition
Evaluate the outcome of each call, enabling you to continually refine your strategies. By understanding the result of every interaction, you can learn and adapt, making each subsequent call more effective.
Understand Call Reasons
Comprehend the core reason behind each call, allowing you to personalize each customer interaction. This results in high customer satisfaction and an increased likelihood of conversion.
Track Successful Sales
Stay updated on the policies sold, accurately mapping out your sales trajectory. This information helps you identify successful strategies and agents, creating a roadmap for future sales.
Detect Anomalies in Customer Patterns
Recognize unusual behavior shifts in customer patterns, altering you to possible issues or untapped opportunities. By spotting these anomalies, you can respond proactively, addressing potential problems or leveraging new opportunities.
Easily Review Calls with Automated Transcription
Each call is automatically transcribed with speaker label assignments and PHI redactions for easy call review seamlessly within the tool.
Multiple Dashboard Views Based on Role
Executive View
High level metric that give executives a detailed view of what is driving overall performance. See spend by vendor and creative, understand billable ratio, customer intent by lead source, and geography based sales.
Supervisor View
Supervisors can see granular details about agent performance on their team and turn insights into action to improve overall performance. Supervisors and analysts would see all CPA and CPQ by ad source, as well as views into agent staffing & wait times and agent sales stage progression.
Role Based Alerts
Get alerts when CPA or RPC dips below a certain level; or when ad fraud detection reached a certain threshold for a lead source.
Tableau Integration
Integration into your Tableau allows for additional custom views to go deeper into the data.
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