Conversely AI

Sales Compliance

Achieve Effortless QA at Scale
Gain unprecedented visibility into the compliance and quality assurance behaviors of your contact center agents. Surface key insights at both the call detail and organizational levels.
Act on Risks and Opportunities with a Closed-Loop Management Process
Automatically monitor and score 100% of engagements within seconds so you can focus on accelerating performance. Obtain aggregated data at your fingertips and precisely act on your risks and opportunities through a closed loop management process.
100% Automated Compliance Reviews
Gain confidence that the right processes are being followed by automatically tagging key insights, phrases, and required statements for immediate scoring & corrective action. See overall performance, pinpoint risk, play searched call audio while following along with the transcript, and even score the call manually as an ongoing calibration best-practice.
Custom Scorecards
Our “out of the box” scorecards typically cover 85%+ of what our clients are listening for, but our service includes customization so that when live, you can be sure that the scorecards being output for each sale match the questions, scoring methodology, and point values that your team is accustomed to.
Exception Workflows
Mitigate risky sales behaviors and highlight areas that agents need to improve with automated workflows. Calls are automatically scanned and areas of conversation that AI deem poor are routed to a workflow with exception buckets for management review. Some examples that AI finds are calls with missed disclaimers, non-ideal product sales, or calls that are at risk for customer complaints.
Automatic Transcription
Every call is transcribed within seconds with speaker label assignment and PHI redaction for easy call review.
Performance Alerts
Get alerts via text or email when: quality scores dip below a certain threshold; when workflow queues exceed a customizable number of tasks; or if there are individual questions driving down overall score.
Industry Libraries
We house over 400 “intents” that have been fine-tuned over millions of call processing minutes across different industry verticals, resulting in remarkable accuracy out of the box for our clients.
Tablaeu Integrations
In addition to the Conversely Dashboard, clients have access to their data in Tableau, allowing for additional custom views to go deeper into the data.
Personalized Customer Profiles
Relevant conversational data, such as personal insights, objections, and responses, are automatically aggregated from multi-channel conversations and stored in a customer data layer.
AI evaluated the extracted conversational data can be used to create ongoing and personalized health risk assessments, retention or cross-sell communications, each tailored to the specific needs and opportunities of each customer.
Custom Dashboard
Easily navigate a dashboard that shows trends and metrics as it pertains to QA scores at the overall, team, and agent levels. Further, the dashboard shows analysis of each compliance question and each agent. This allows you to quickly deduce if an uptraining is needed for the whole team in certain areas, or if individual agents needs specific coaching to raise QA scores.
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