Conversely AI

Quality Assurance

Achieve Effortless QA at Scale
Automatically monitor and score 100% of engagements within seconds so you can focus on accelerating performance. Obtain aggregated data at your fingertips and precisely act on your risks and opportunities through a closed loop management process.
Surface Insights & Automate Action
Our AI finds and categorizes areas of opportunity and provides a workflow tool to automate the management of coaching opportunities. Assign tasks and review status, progress, and outcomes.
QA Engagements Within Seconds
Gain confidence that the right process is being followed. Automatically tag key insights, phrases and required statements for immediate scoring and corrective action.
Flag Key Areas of the Conversation for Instant Playback
Stop spending hours digging through recordings. Automatically flag key areas of a conversation for quick playback.
Intuitive Dashboards & Reporting
Measure, monitor and quantify the impact of contact center experiences on key metrics to improve CX and business outcomes. Identify the drivers of poor contact center experiences and performance issues while gaining valuable insights into trends over time.
Level-up your operational efficiencies with Conversely AI
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