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Conversely AI Announces Tim Collopy as Chief Executive Officer

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Bloomfield Hills, Mich., June 2, 2022—Conversely AI, an intelligent AI platform that helps the healthcare industry radically transform its sales and compliance processes, announced that Tim Collopy has been named as Chief Executive Officer.

Collopy has more than 20 years of senior management experience, including more than 10 years as Vice President of Healthcare Development where he is credited with creating customized, efficient solutions for today’s managed care needs. Tim has most recently served as the Senior Vice President of Client Services at Detroit-based company Dialog Direct.

Conversely AI brings value to the Medicare enrollment marketplace by offering 100% visibility into sales conversations, using its data to maximize enrollments, ensure ethical sales practices, and personalize ongoing nurturing and retention strategies.

“Having known Tim for years, I look forward to the next phase of Conversely AI under his leadership,” said Peter Schmitt, Founder of Conversely AI. “Tim has vast experience with scaling marketing and technology-based organizations.  He has seen how many different organizations approach the market as a senior executive of a business processing organization and brings a unique pedigree to execute and operationalize AI technology for leading organizations globally.”

“I am incredibly excited to assume the role of CEO and for the future of the company.”, states Tim Collopy.  “We have an exceptionally talented team at Conversely AI that is dedicated to innovating new ways to utilize AI technology to maximize lead value, increase customer retention and ensure ethical and compliant sales practices. I look forward to building on the momentum and unlocking future growth opportunities.”

About Conversely AI

Conversely AI helps healthcare companies radically transform their sales processes for reduced cost per acquisition and enhanced relationships with customers. The company’s intelligent AI platform ingests conversational data to power personalized and automated actions that help healthcare insurance companies find and convert more leads, monitor and score compliance, nurture lost leads, onboard members, and retain lifelong customers with personalized one-to-one drip campaigns.

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