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Amplify Your Insurance Sales Conversions With 4 Simple Script Changes

amplify call center insurance sales

62% of insurance buyers said talking with a rep on the phone was the most influential factor in their purchase decision. Speaking with an agent is often the moment of truth for insurance purchases, so it is critical to get your pitch right on the first contact (1).

You have the gold in your data to get the pitch right, but now for the challenge… how do you extract and utilize that data to shine a light on what is working and what isn’t?

This is where AI technology comes in. Conversely AI scanned thousands of calls using its proprietary AI technology to provide you with 4 valuable insights that could amplify your sales by making just a few small changes.

1. Personal Greetings Matter

Fifteen seconds. That’s how long you have before the person you have on the phone determines if you are providing them value or just another lousy sales pitch (2).

With that time pressure, it makes sense that many agents may skip the standard personal greetings and get straight to the point. Though we found in doing so, you may already have the odds against you.
Conversely AI scanned thousands of client sales calls and found that agents that included a personal greeting such as a simple “How are you doing today?”, had a 190% increase in conversions to those that did not now include a personal greeting at the beginning of the pitch.

2. If Qualification is Needed, Tell Them.

Leads aren’t going to hang on the phone while you ask them questions without knowing the reason and commitment of time behind the questions, at least that is what our data has found. If a qualification process is required, tell them at the beginning of the conversation.

When adding qualification language to your script, data has shown an incredible 335% increase in conversions.

3. Provide Words of Assistance

Sales agents should always be thinking in a customer-centric mindset, making them better at solving problems and empathizing with the needs of the customer. In an analysis of thousands of calls, simple words of assistance can make a huge impact. For example, when agents use phrases like “I would be happy to help with that” or “I completely understand, let me find a solution for you”, we see an impactful 278% increase in conversions.

4. Script Adherence is Important

Scripts, if done correctly, have the advantage of organizing proven conversation approaches to move the call through each stage in the sales cycle while keeping compliance and quality needs in check. Skillful agents can read or use the script in a way that prospects find natural in the conversation. Other agents, 40% according to a study (3), may go rogue and veer too far from the script. According to our data, script veering is not doing them any favors. When agents adhered to the script that our clients have provided, they enjoyed a 4x increase in transfer rates.

While these 4 points have made a powerful impact on the conversions of our clients, what knowledge is hidden inside your database? Conversely AI scans 100% of your calls in a matter of minutes and provides sales insights (and insights on compliance, quality, and more!)

About Conversely AI

Conversely AI helps businesses uncover insights and apply action to reduce risk, increase revenue and build long-lasting relationships. Our AI engagement engine scans and extracts relevant pieces of data within a conversation and uses it to score compliance, automate hyper-personalized outreach campaigns, and optimize the sales funnel to close more deals with less work. Learn more at or contact us at [email protected] for a personalized demo.





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